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    oh my god what have they done it was only a job how much do they know who are they why must ntttttttttttttttttt

    i continue to have this dream where there is a red circle with a black dot and a blue circle with a black dot and the black dot is in the same spot on both of them but they are partitioned by a wall and probably not even coterminous if i had to guess so the issue is that the black dot isn't really a dot at all or any thing because it is an absence that allows for a man a small man a puny pathetic man like myself to go into one and exit from the other. there are two here and there will be three more elsewhere and all i do is make new holes for the others to touch and then i leave because i am transcended caroline said so i know she's not wrong i slept at 1226 and awoke at 336 and i will rest at 906 because this is what man does. there is no make. there is no produce. there is only to breathe and understankd what she is i love it the material is moving but not physical and i saw it in the text and i saw it in the scratchoffs and i saw it in that tiny creature in the tree and the music was so loud. sylvie told me. bruno knew but didn't speak. ,hazel lied about it all. all my friends.. i didn't know in the town. confusing was confucius so i sat down, I said, "Listen evildoers, we idolize saints. Can we not resolve to dismantle the garbage?" it was not -.. real .I didn't know.- really .-. she was okay I know it. i saw the five in the alphabet soup and knew i was but punctuation in a tomatoey blom of language., i am the end but i could be the open parenthesis or the pre-appositive, though not drastically different, comma. i choose to be the black spot because the absence tells me all that i need to know in this failed grid. very well, i wil try another one and see if this opens the third black spot. prometheus knew about it and so did N and mori and caroline and now we do too and we see it because we observed it repeatedly and prevented it from changing wave functions so that we could know and now the line has become the triangle has become the square has become the cube had become the tesseract has become