Curiouser and Curiouser

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    Project Rabbit began in its most tangible form in December of 2016. Its inception was definitely earlier. Its origins can be traced to a rural area of Georgia, USA.

    Years preceding, a group of people who, perhaps loosely, would have referred to themselves as friends included myself and Celia in their niche. For now these friends will be known as the KREBBORCWAJ. These friends changed. The wiser, Celia and I sought exit from their community.

    The Wiser.

    Celia and I ascertained to stay in contact to ensure the other's wellbeing. I have not heard from her for some time now.

    Accordingly, I devised a scheme to locate her. There is power in Numbers.
    I designed stickers to be placed globally that would refer viewers to this very website. My way of thinking was that once many people had seen the stickers and decided to help distribute them, there would be an exponentially greater chance of Celia seeing them and reaching out to me. At the very least, I'd expected her captors, the KREBBORCWAJ, to see the stickers and make a move.

    The latter has happened.

    Even so, there are not enough of us to amount to the remotest threat to them. Your help, however, would be incommunicably appreciated. You can help by digging up whatever carrots you find.

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