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    Project Rabbit began as an attempt to locate Celia Cave, beloved Vanderstank Family Member. Certainly, this rabbit hole made a few wrong turns, the least of which may well have been at Albuquerque! But Celia is back in the loving embrace of her Family.


    Thank you to every friend that helped this family's greatest Barbit, Lewis Cave, in finding Celia and bringing her home. Without you, Celia may still be roaming about, looking for fresh carrots to dig up!


    You may find yourself asking the question, "But great Family, what led Celia astray?" To that we say that whatever it was, it has been dealt with in the greatest discretion and dignity, and with our splendid Search-and-Rescue-based location project, Project Rabbit, we can say the same for Celia. Vanderthanks for all of your help, everyone!